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The 53rd Annual Meeting of the PIAC (programme) Print E-mail


Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences


The State Hermitage Museum

Fund of Oriental Cultures

With the Assistance of

the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Saint Petersburg

Russian Museum of Ethnography

Permanent International Altaistic Conference

53rd Annual Meeting

July 25-30, 2010

Saint Petersburg


Unknown treasures of the Altaic world in libraries, archives and museums


Sunday, July 25, 2010

16.00 – 18.00

Registration in the lobby of the hotel “Saint-Petersburg”

18.00 – 20.00

Dinner in the restaurant of the hotel “Saint-Petersburg”

Monday, July 26, 2010


Transfer from the hotel to the conference venue (The Hermitage theater)

10.00 – 11.00

Opening ceremony

Chairperson: Dr. Tatiana Pang, President of the 53rd Meeting of the PIAC

Greetings by:

1. Prof. Mikhail Piotrovsky – Director of the State Hermitage Museum

2. Prof. Irina Popova – Director of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS

3. Prof. Barbara Kellner-Heinkele – Secretary general of the PIAC

4. Dr. Mehmet Çinar – Consul General of the Republic of Turkey

5. Dr. Vladimir Blondin – Director of the Fund of Oriental Cultures



Chairperson: Prof. Barbara Kellner-Heinkele, Secretary General of the PIAC

13.00 – 14.30 Lunch

14.30 – 16.00

Green hall. PANEL 1

Chairperson: Alice Sárközi

Beliefs, Religion

TRYJARSKI Edward (Warsaw, Poland). The Buriat Shamanism and Buddhism in Agaton Giller’s Memoirs

STARY Giovanni (Venice, Italy). The Mistery of Coloured Vapours as Good Omina of the Manchu Khan Nurhaci's Empire-building

FUNK Dmitry (Moscow, Russia). Heroic Epics of the Shors: In Search for Epic Texts Self-written by Storytellers T

URAN Fatma Ahsen, ŞAMAN DOĞAN Nermin (Turkey). Cosmic Thee and its Reflections on Anatolian Turkish Art

14.30 – 16.00

Sutra hall. PANEL 2

Chairperson: Albina Girfanova


KELLNER-HEINKELE Barbara (Berlin, Germany). Green Knowledge. Ottoman Manuscripts on Botany and Agriculture

DENİZ Bekir (Antalya, Turkey). An Insufficiently-Know-Structure in the Çu-Basin (Kazakhstan): Ak Kesene

BOZKURT İsmail (Mercin, Turkey). An Archive Treasure in Cyprus: The Ottoman Şer'i and Evkaf Registry of Cyprus

NERIMANOGLU Kamil Veli (Istanbul, Turkey). Map Treasure in Archives from the Visual Altaistic Point of View

16.00 – 16.15


16.15 – 17.30

Green hall. PANEL 1

Chairperson: Rodica Pop

Mongolian Studies

CAMPI Alicia (Bloomington, USA ). Unique Diplomatic Correspondence and Reports Concerning Mongolia and the United States in Washington D.C. Archival Libraries

BOYKOVA Elena (Moscow, Russia). Materials on Mongolia in the Khmyrov’s Collection

LEGRAND Jacques (Paris, France). Paper to be announced

16.15 – 17.30

Sutra hall. PANEL 2

Chairperson: Hugjiltu

Uighur, Runic Studies

KLYASHTORNY Sergei (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Sogdian Noblemen in the Yenisei Kyrgyz State

KORMUSHIN Igor (Moscow, Russia). About the Choir Runic Inscription at the End of VII Century A.D. from Mongolia

RASHMANN Simone (Berlin, Germany). The Pre-eminent sūtra. New Traces of the Altun Yaruk Sudur

ZIEME Peter (Berlin, Germany). Some Notes on an Uigur Poem Concerning an Encounter of a Monk and a Laywoman

18.00 – 20.30

Dinner on board the ship (embarking on the Dvortsovaya embankment, opposite the main entrance of The State Hermitage Museum, disembarking near hotel “Saint-Petersburg”)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Transfer to the conference venue (Institute of Oriental Studies, Dvortsovaya nab., 18)

10.00 – 11.30

Green hall. PANEL 1

Chairperson: Elena Boykova

Mongolian Studies

NAKAMI Tatsuo (Tokyo, Japan). Wang Guojin and Lobsangčoyidan: A Forgotten Mongolian Manuscripts of the Erdeni-yin tobči

ULAAN BORJIGIJIN (Bejing, China). On Some Manuscript Copies of the Secret History of the Mongols Collected in the Chinese National Library

POP Rodica (Bucharest, Romania). Mongγol uran zokijal-un degezi zaγun bilig orusibai, an Invaluable Treasure by its Concept and History

HIGUCHI Koichi (Matsuyama, Japan). Unknown Treasures Hidden in Lines of Mongolian Buddhist Literature in the Case of Mongolian Versions of the Lotus Sutra

10.00 – 11.30

Sutra hall. PANEL 2

Chairperson: Mihály Dobrovits


ALPATOV Vladimir (Moscow, Russia). Significance of S.A. Starostin works for the Altaic Studies

BALK Michael (Berlin, Germany). Consten's Universal Dictionary

CORFF Oliver (Berlin, Germany). Some Notes on the Pentaglot Manuscripts

SÁRKÖZI Alice (Budapest, Hungary). The Dictionary of Sumatiratna

DING Shiqing (Bejing, China). A Tentative Study on the Language Maintenance Model of Ewenki Speaking People in China

11.30 – 12.00


12.00 – 13.40

Green hall. PANEL 1

Chairperson: Hartmut Walravens

Collections, Archives, Archeology

SAGASTER Klaus (Bonn, Germany). The International Archive of Oral Folk Literature at the Northrhine-Westfalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and Arts, Düsseldorf/Germany

FEDOTOFF Alexander (Sofia, Bulgaria). On the Oriental Collection in the National Library of Bulgaria

ANAYBAN Zoya (Moscow, Russia). Barrow “Arzhaan-2” Unique Findings in the National Museum of the Tuva Republic

NEVSKAYA Irina (Novosibirsk, Russia / Frankfurt, Germany). The Returned Heritage: a Cooperative Russian-German Project on Publishing Dyrenkova‘s Archive

GIRFANOVA Albina (St. Petersburg, Russia). Linguistic and Ethnographic Materials of E.R. Schneider in Archives of St. Petersburg

12.00 – 13.40

Sutra hall. PANEL 2

Chairperson: Peter Zieme

Uighur Studies

Hugjiltu (Hohhot, China). On the Document of Qubilay’s Imperial Edict Written by “Phags-pa and Uyghur Scripts”

HSIAO Su-ying, HUNG Chin-fu (Taipei, Taiwan). On a Rubbing with an Uighur-like Script in the Fu Ssu-nien Library of Academia Sinica

TUGUSHEVA Lilia (St. Petersburg, Russia). On a Case of the Influence of the Written Form of the Word on its Pronunciation (According to the Early Medieval Uighur Texts)

LIU Ge (Shaanxi, China). Čïn bitig in Uighur Script is Qin-Qs in Han Language

TURAN Refik, KIRPIK Güray (Ankara, Turkey). As a Turkish Hegemonic Symbol “TUĞ” from the Altays to the Alp Mountains

13.00 – 14.30


14.30 – 15.45

Green hall. PANEL 1

Chairperson: Alicia Campi

Mongolian Studies

NOSOV Dmitry (St. Petersburg, Russia). Description of Mongolian Speaking Peoples Folktales, Kept in Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of Russian Academy of Science

KULGANEK Irina (St. Petersburg, Russia). The Mongolian Aphorisms in the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts (Russian Academy of Sciences)

YAKHONTOVA Natalia (St. Petersburg, Russia). New Arrivals to the Mongolian Manuscript Collection at the IOM RAS

PETROVA Maria (St. Petersburg, Russia). To one Manuscript by D.Ravjaa

14.30 – 15.45

Sutra hall. PANEL 2

Chairperson: Vladimir Alpatov


TOHTI Litip (TUOHUTI Litifu) (Beijing, China). On the Syntactic Status of the Uyghur

WU Yingzhe (Hohhot, China). Deciphering Some Demonstrative Pronouns in Khitan Small Script

GORELOVA Liliya, ORLOVSKAYA Mariya (Moscow, Russia). The Proximity between the Middle Mongol and Classical Manchu Languages as Typologically, Ethnohistorically and Areally Motivated

GUAN Xinqiu (Beijing, China). On the Consonant Phonemes of Standard Manchu Language from 18th to 19th Century

15.45 – 16.00


16.00 – 17.00

Green hall. PANEL 1

Chairperson: Giovanni Stary


PCHELIN Nikolai, RUDOVA Maria (St. Petersburg, Russia). The Problem of the Portrait Art in Mural Painting of Central Asia in the 10-11th cc.

WALRAVENS Hartmut (Berlin, Germany). The Meritorius Officers of the Qianlong Period – Revisited

MENSHIKOVA Maria (St. Petersburg, Russia). The Unknown Portrait of the Member of the Qing Imperial Family in the Collection of the Hermitage

16.00 – 17.00

Sutra hall. PANEL 2

Chairperson: Jacques Legrand


GÜNER DİLEK Figen (Ankara, Turkey). A Study About Altai Turkish Which Has an Archive Value: V. İ. Verbitskiy “Altayskie İnorodtsı”

KHODARKOVSKY Michael (Chicago, USA). The Role of the Kalmyk Cavalry in the Northern War, 1700-1721

GERASIMOV Igor (St. Petersburg, Russia). Islam in Mongolian Peoples Republic and Inner Mongolia


Transfer to the House of Friendship (Liteinyj pr., 60). Buses leave from Millionnaya street)

18.00 – 20.00

Reception given by the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey

20.00 Transfer to the hotel


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

9.00 – 13.00

Transfer from the hotel to the Russian Ethnographic Museum (Inzhenernaya str., 4/1)

13.00 – 14.30


14.30 – 16.00

Green hall. PANEL 1

Chairperson: Michael Khodarkovsky

Archeology, collections

TAUBE Erika (Leipzig, Germany). Archaeological Finds reflecting Folklore-Motivs from Central Asia

DYAKOVA Olga (Vladivostok, Russia). Archeological Dimension of the Xianbei Problem

ÇAKAN Varis (Istanbul, Turkey). An Assessment on Archeological Works at the Tarim Basin and Historical Artifacts Worth of Museum

OGUT EKER Refia Gülin (Ankara,Turkey). The Venue in which the Tangible Cultural Heritages of Both, The Turks and The World is Protected: Çengelhan Rahmi M. Koc Museum

14.30 – 16.00

Sutra hall. PANEL 2

Chairperson: Barbara Kellner-Heinkele

JANKOWSKI Henryk (Poland). Karaim mejumas in Eupatoria

KARAHAN Leyla (Ankara, Turkey). One of the oldest Resources of Anatolian and Rumanian Dialects: Grammar Books

KASAPOĞLU Çengel Hülya (Ankara,Turkey). On Translation of the Bible in Kipchak

DOBROVITS Mihály (Budapest, Hungary). Some Remarks on the Oghuz Kaghan Epics

HAN Sherman (Hawaii, USA). Emperor Kangxi ‘s Poetical Reflections on Russia

16.00 – 16.30


16.30 – 18.00

Green hall. PANEL 1

Chairperson: Irina Nevskaya

TEKCAN Münevver (Istanbul,Turkey). Cleaning Manuscripts Using Image Processing Software To Reveal Hidden Texts

ELIKHINA Julia (St. Petersburg, Russia). Clothes and Ornaments of Xiongnu from the Barrows of Noin-Ula (Northern Mongolia) in the Collection of the State Hermitage Museum

TATÁR Maria Magdolna (Oslo, Norway). Soyot Shaman Costume, Headgear and Drumstick in the Ethnographic Museum, Oslo

TATÁR Sarolta (Budapest, Hungary). Images of the Goddess Tara in the Private Collection of a Hungarian Collection

16.30 – 18.00

Sutra hall. PANEL 2

Chairperson: Igor Kormushin


ZHANG Dingjing (Beijing, China). Double Marks for Identity of Nouns in Kazak Language

SECHENCHOGT (Bejing ,China). Comparative Analysis of the Five Livestock Names of the Altaic Language Family

SAITÔ Yoshio (Tokyo, Japan). Terminative Case in Mongolian

18.30 – 21.00

Reception by the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts RAS (House of Scholars, Dvortsovaya nab., 26)


City tour by bus. Buses leave from Millionnaya, 19


Thursday, July 29, 2010


Transfer from the hotel to the conference venue (Institute of Oriental studies, Dvortsovaya nab, 18)

10.00 – 11.00

Business meeting. Green hall

11.00 -11.15


11.15 – 13.00

Green hall. PANEL 1

Chairperson: Fatma Ahsen Turan

ATA Aysu (Ankara, Turkey). Prof. Saadet Çağatay: “My articles by the nickname Kutlu S.Ç.”

RECKEL Johannes (Göttingen, Germany). The Special Collection of Altaic Literature in Göttingen

YAKOVLEV Victor (Moscow, Russia). Unknown Source of a Familiar Story

RAGAGNIN Elizabetta (Frankfurt, Germany). A “Forgotten Edition” of Odorichus de rebus incognitis

DUGAROV Bair (Ulan-Ude, Russia). “NAMTAR” by Milaraiba in Buryatia




Excursion to the Hermitage Exhibition center and the Buddhist temple Busses leave from Millionnaya street

19.00 – 21.30

Dinner at the restaurant of the hotel “Saint-Petersburg”


Friday, July 30, 2010

Departure after breakfast



1. Alpatov Vladimir Mikhailovich. Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS

2. Anayban Zoya Vasilievna. Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS

3. Ata Aysu. Ankara University, Turkey

4. Balk Michael. Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Germany

5. Bell Christine. Berlin, Germany

6. Borjigijin Ulaan. Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, PRC

7. Boykova Elena Vladimirovna. Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS

8. Bozkurt Ismail. Cyprus-Balkans-Eurasia Turkish Literatures Foundation

9. Campi Alicia Jean. Indiana University, USA

10. Chao Chi. Taiwan

11. Corff Oliver. Independent scholar, Germany

12. Çakan Varıs. Gazi University, Turkey

13. Çengel Hülya. Gazi University, Turkey

14. Deniz Bekir. Akdeniz University, Turkey

15. Dilek İbrahim. Gazi University, Turkey

16. Ding Shiqing. Minzu University of China, PRC

17. Dobrovits Mihály. Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

18. Dugarov Bair Sonomovich. Institute of Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies, Russia

19. Dyakova Olga Vasilievna. Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography, Far Eastern Branch of the RAS

20. Elikhina Julia. The State Hermitage Museum, Russia

21. Erdal Marcel. Goethe University, Germany

22. Fedotoff Alexander. Sofia University, Center for Oriental Languages and Cultures, Bulgaria

23. Florian Raluca Maria. Bucharest Center for Oriental Studies, Romania

24. Funk Dmitry Anatolievich. Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, RAS

25. Gerasimov Igor Vyacheslavovich. Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

26. Gierlichs Hanns Maria Joachim. Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar

27. Girfanova Albina Hakimovna. Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

28. Gorelova Liliya Mikhailovna. Institute for Oriental Studies, RAS

29. Guan Xinqiu. Minzu University of China, PRC

30. Gulin Eker. Gazi University, Turkey

31. Güner Dilek Figen. Gazi University, Turkey

32. Han Sherman Hsiao. Brigham Young University, Hawaii, USA

33. Higuchi Koichi. Ehime University, Japan

34. Hsiao Su-ying. Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

35. Hugjiltu. Inner Mongolia University, PRC

36. Hung Chin-fu. Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

37. Jankowski Henryk. Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

38. Karahan Leyla. Gazi University, Turkey

39. Karkucinska-Legrand Jadwiga Maria. France

40. Karlsson Moukhanova Anastasia. Lund University, Sweden

41. Kellner-Heinkele Barbara. Freie Universität, Germany

42. Khodarkovsky Michael. Loyola University Chicago, USA

43. Kirpik Güray. Gazi Unıversıty, Turkey

44. Klyashtorny Sergei Georgievich. Institute of Oriental manuscripts, RAS

45. Kobayashi Yoko. Ehime University, Japan

46. Kulganek Irina Vladimirovna. Institute of Oriental manuscripts, RAS

47. Legrand Jacques Jean Yves. Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales, France

48. Liu Ge. Shaanxi Normal University, PRC

49. Menshikova Maria Lvovna. The State Hermitage Museum, Russia

50. Nakami Tatsuo. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan

51. Nerimanoğlu Kamil Veli. Yeditepe University, Turkey

52. Nevskaya Irina Anatolievna. Institute of Philology (Novosibirsk) / Frankfurt University

53. Nidyulina-Honikel Gilyana. University of Bonn, Germany

54. Nosov Dmitry Alekseevich. Institute of Oriental manuscripts, RAS

55. Ogut Eker Refia Gulin. Hacettepe University, Turkey

56. Pang Tatiana Alexandrovna. Institute of Oriental manuscripts, RAS

57. Pchelin Nikolay Georgievich. The State Hermitage Museum, Russia

58. Petrova Maria Pavlovna. St. Petersburg State University, Russia

59. Pop Rodica. The Mircea Eliade Center for Oriental Studies, Romania

60. Popova Irina Fedorovna. Institute of Oriental manuscripts, RAS

61. Ragagnin Elisabetta. Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Germany

62. Raschmann Simone-Christiane. Turfanforschung, Germany

63. Reckel Johannes Friedrich Wilhelm. Georg August University Goettingen, Germany

64. Rudova Maria Leonidovna. The State Hermitage Museum, Russia

65. Sabernig Katharina Anna. Medical University of Vienna, Austria

66. Sagaster Klaus Karl Josef. University of Bonn, Germany

67. Saitô Yoshio. Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan

68. Şaman Doğan Nermın. Hacettepe Unıversıty, Turkey

69. Sárközi Alice. Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

70. Sechenchogt. Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, PRC

71. Stary Giovanni Enrico. University of Venice, Italy

72. Sukhachev Nikolay Leonidovich. Institute of Linguistics, RAS

73. Tatár Maria Magdolina. Oslo University, Norway

74. Tatár Sarolta. Peter Pazmany Catholic University of Hungary, Hungary

75. Taube Erika. Leipzig University, Germany

76. Tekcan Münevver. Kocaeli University, Turkey

77. Tohti Litip. Minzu University of China, PRC

78. Tryjarski Edward Ignacy Klara. Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

79. Tugusheva Lilia Yusufzhanovna. Institute of Oriental manuscripts, RAS

80. Tudor Ciprian. Bucharest Polytechnics Institute, Romania

81. Tuohuti Litifu. Minzu University of China, PRC

82. Tuohutu Haseyeti. PRC

83. Turan Fatma Ahsen. Gazi Unıversity, Turkey

84. Turan Refık. Gazi Unıversıty, Turkey

85. van Meel Daniël Adriaan. Holland

86. Walravens Hartmut Heinrich. Statsbibliothek zu Berlin, Germany

87. Winkelhane Gerard Klaus Ulrich. Klaus Schwarz Verlag, Germany

88. Wu Yingzhe. Inner Mongolia University, PRC

89. Wuyuntana. Inner Mongolia Normal University of China, PRC

90. Yakhontova Natalia Sergeevna. Institute of Oriental manuscripts, RAS

91. Yakovlev Victor Michailovich. Society of Orientalists, Russia

92. Zhang Dingjing. Minzu University of China, PRC

93. Zieme Peter. Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen, Germany

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