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Jubilee of Dr A.Trotsevich Print E-mail

On January, 7, 2010, we celebrated the Jubilee of Dr Adelaida F. Trotsevich, chief researcher at the Department of Far Eastern Studies, the IOM RAS.

Dr A.Trotsevich is the leading Russian Korean scholar, she started her academic carreer in March 1957 at the Leningrad Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies, the USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1962, she defended the PhD Dissertation, The Story Of Chun-Hyang's Fidelity” And the Genre of Narration In the Korean Mediaeval Literature [История о верности Чхунхян” и жанр повести в корейской средневековой литературе], in 1984, the Habilitation Dissertation, Korean Mediaeval Novel [Корейский средневековый роман]. During many years of her work at the Institute, she published around 200 academic papers, including 11 monographs. She focuses on the study of Mediaeval Koreal literature, her expertize being summed up in the monograph, The History of Korean Traditional Literature [История корейской традиционной литературы (до ХХ в.)] (2004).

Dr A.Trotsevich is highly respected as a translator, she spends a lot of time and efforts to present some best pieces of Korean literature to the Russian readers. Most recently she completed thebtranslation of the Korean vernacular version of the well-known novel The Cloud Dream of the Nine.

Moreover, Dr A.Trotsevich introduces various Korean collections kept in St Petersburg to the world-wide academics. Thus, she edited catalogues of Korean books kept at St Petersburg State University (2008) and IOM RAS (2009), along with her disciple, A.Guryeva.

For many years, Dr A.Trotsevich has delivered lectures on Korean literature at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, St Petersburg State University, supervised Master and Doctoral students, prepared scholars of Korean Mediaeval and Modern literature.

Colleagues and friends of Dr A.Trotsevich highly appreciate her wisdom and fidelity to principles, deep knowledge, friendliness and warmth.

All of us wish Dr Adelaida F. Trotsevich health, new academic achievements, realizations of her plans.

Head of the IOM RAS, Prof Dr Irina F. Popova

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