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Jubilee of Dr Z.Yusupova Print E-mail
On December 16, 2009, we celebrated a jubilee of Dr Zare A. Yusupova, a leading researcher at the IOM RAS.

The entire academic career of Dr Z.Yusupova has been connected with our Institute. After the successful completion of the doctoral program Dr Z.Yusupova was admitted to the Group for Kurdish Studies, first as an academic technician and finally became a leading researcher.

Dr Z.Yusupova’s major research interests are in Kurdish dialectology and the study of the language of literary texts. This area of knowledge is a priority of Leningrad/St Petersburg Kurdish scholars, and papers by Dr Z.Yusupova are a valuable contribution to the research into Southern Kurdish dialects wide-spread in the current territories of Iraq and Iran.

Dr Z.Yusupova started her study of the Sorani dialect under supervision of her teacher, Dr K.K.Kurdoyev, the 100th Anniversary of whom the Institute’s scholars and foreign colleagues in Kurdistan and Europe celebrated recently. Their joint work resulted in The Kurdish Russian Dictionary (Sorani) [Курдско-русский словарь (сорани)], issued in 1983. Her studies of phonetics, morphology and syntax of Sorani were reflected in the monograph The Suleimani Dialect of Kurdish [Сулейманийский диалект курдского языка] (1985). Dr Z.Yusupova was the first scholar to make a comprehensive description of the grammatical structure of the scarcely studied Gorani and Avramani dialects, as represented in classical Kurdish literature from the 18th through 19th century, and to define their place in the system of Kurdish dialects. In 1992, Dr Z.Yusupova defended her Habilitation dissertation The Gorani Dialect of Kurdish as Represented in Literary Sources from the 18th through 19th Century [Курдский диалект горани по литературным памятникам XVIII-XIX вв.]. Then, there were published a few monographs such as The Gorani Dialect of Kurdish [Курдский диалект горани] (1998), The Avramani Dialect of Kurdish [Курдский диалект аврамани] (2000), The Southern Kurdish Folklore Texts [Южнокурдские фольклорные тексты] (2004), The ‘Divan’ of Mawlawi, a Kurdish Poet [«Диван» курдского поэта Мавлави] (2007).

Moreover, she published a number of papers on the history of Kurdish studies, literary heritage of the Kurds, Kurdish periodicals, etc.

Dr Z.Yusupova is highly respected as an expert both in Russia and abroad. A number of her papers were translated into Kurdish and published in Iraq, Sweden, Germany. She is often invited to deliver a presentation at scholarly conferences and seminars, takes an active part in the academic events held at the Institute of Kurdistan and West Asia, Moscow.

Dr Z.Yusupova is a member of the IOM’s Academic Council, for many years she was the academic secretary of the Group for Kurdish Studies. For more than 30 years, Dr Z.Yusupova has delivered lectures on Kurdish at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, Leningrad/St Petersburg State University.

Dr Z.Yusupova is highly respected by her Institute’s colleagues for her talents and high professionalism, active life position, friendliness.

The administration and the scholarly collective of the IOM congratulate Dr Zare Yusupova and wish her strong health and further academic achievements.

the Head of the IOM RAS, Prof Dr I.Popova

Tr. by A.Zorin
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