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Dunhuang Studies Conference. Account Print E-mail

On September 3-5, 2009, at the IOM RAS the international conference Dunhuang Studies: Prospects and Problems for the Coming Second Century of Research was held.  It was devoted to the Dunhuang, Turfan and Central Asian studies. The conference was supported by the Russian Humanities Foundation and organized by the IOM RAS in cooperation with the International Dunhuang Liaison Committee for Dunhuang Studies. 

There were seven principal topics discussed such as:

1. The significance of Dunhuang studies for the research of China and Central Asia. New academic prospects, avenues and methods.

2. Dunhuang written sources on the history, society, culture and religion of China and Central Asia.

3. Patterns for research, publication, comment and translation of Dunhuang manuscripts. Textual studies, critical analysis of sources, paleography.

4. Turfan and Central Asian written sources. Results of recent studies.

5. Prospects and problems of cataloguing and conservation. Database experience, virtual archives.

6. Dunhuang art and archeology.

7. The history of Dunhuang studies: expeditions, archives, collections.

75 papers were delivered by scholars from Russia, China, Japan, the USA, Germany and other countires during the conference. English and Chinese were the working languages. The proceedings of the conference are going to be published in 2010.


1. The conference opening

Prof Dr I.F.Popova delivers her speech

The Chinese delegation offers their gift

Acad. of the RAS, Dr V.S.Myasnikov delivers his speech

During the Plenary Session, at the Green Hall of the IOM RAS

2. Panel Sessions

Dr I.F.Popova presents her paper

Dr M.I.Vorobyova-Desyatovskaya, Dr Wang San-ching, Dr Takata Tokio (on the foreground)

Dr Takata Tokio presents his paper

Dr Chai Jianhong presents his paper

Dr Enami Kazuyuki presents his paper

Dr Pai Shih-ming presents his paper

Dr I.S.Gurevich presents her paper

Dr Yamabe Nobuyoshi presents his paper

Dr Ochiai Toshinori presents his paper

Dr Imre Galambos presents his paper

Dr Wei Yingchun presents her paper

Kuo Liying

Dr E.I.Kychanov, Dr M.I.Vorobyova-Desyatovskaya

Dr Zhang Huiming, Dr T.A.Pang, Dr Du Jianlu

Dr Kasai Yukiyo, Dr Yakup Abdurishid, Dr Kuo Liying

Dr Wang Ding, Dr L.Y.Tugisheva, Yakup Abdurishid

Dr Akagi Takatoshi, Dr Sakajiri Akihiro, Dr Iwao Kajushi, Dr K.Y.Solonin

3. At the river cruise banquet

Dr S.Raschmann and Dr P.Zieme

4. At the valedictory dinner

Dr Pai Shih-ming, Dr Takata Tokio, Dr I.F.Popova, Dr Tsuji Masahiro

Dr Zhao Heping and Dr Zhou Bokan

R.Berezkin and Dr Wang San-ching

Dr Cheng A-tsai, Dr Gen Yukiko, Dr Chu Feng-yu

Photos by S.L.Shevelchinskaya and Enami Kazuyuki

Last Updated ( 23/10/2009 )
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