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Dunhuang Studies Conference. Programme Print E-mail

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “Dunhuang Studies: Prospects and Problems for the Coming Second Century of Research”

September 3–5, 2009



Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS (18, Dvortsovaya naberezhnaya, St. Petersburg)

09:00–10:00 – Registration

10:00–11:15 – Plenary meeting: welcome, introductions, administration, key-speaker Vladimir MYASNIKOV - Study of the Dunhuang complex: past, present, perspectives for the future

11:15–11:45 – Break

11:45–13:00 – Session (Green Hall)

Chair: WANG San-ching

YANG XiuqingProblems of the Studies of the Popular Thought under Tang and Song Dynasties 杨秀清. 唐宋时期大众思想史研究的几个问题 ——以敦煌文献为中心的研究

CHENG A-tsaiA Compilation of Source Materials and Realistic Reconstruction of Buddhism Expositions in Dunhuang

CHU Feng-yuFrom Biography, Epic, Didactical to Romance Histories — On Han Dynasty Stories in Dunhuang Oral Literature

TAKATA Tokio – Varieties of the Chinese North Western Dialect of the Tang and Song

11:45–13:00 – Parallel Session (Sutra Hall)

Chair: Evgeniy KYCHANOV

DU JianluAn Overview of the Chinese Manuscripts from Khara-Khoto Collected in China 杜建录. 中国藏黑水城汉文文献整理研究

SOLONIN, KirillChan Buddhism in the Tangut State

NIE Hongyin Tangut Version of the Traditional Chinese Medical Work Mingtang Jiujing 聂鸿音.《明堂灸经》的西夏译本

DENG WenkuanThe Importance of Dunhuang and Khara-Khoto Calendars from Russian Collection for the Research of Printing Technique 邓文宽 . 俄藏敦煌和黑城汉文历日对印刷技术史研究的重要意义

13:00–14:30 – Lunch Restaurant of the ‘Dom Uchenykh (Researchers’ House)’ (26, Dvortsovaya naberezhnaya)

14:30–16:00h – Session (Green Hall)

Chair: TAKATA Tokio

FENG PeihongA Note on Dunhuang Document Дx. 1335 from Russian Collection 冯培红.俄藏敦煌文献Дx.1335《归义军都虞候司奉判令追勘押衙康文达牒》考释

WANG San-chingStudies on Functional Document from Dunhuang Collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS, in St. Petersburg 王三慶. 俄藏敦煌文獻應用文書的研究

WANG SuIssues about the Document of “Yi Wang coming into Gaochang” from Russian Collection 王素. 关于俄藏“揖王入高昌城事”文书的几个问题》

CHOU Hsi-poRethinking Untitled Taoist Manuscripts in Dunhuang from Russian Collection 周西波. 俄藏敦煌失題道經考論

POPOVA, Irina 波波娃 – The Chinese Documents of IOM ‘Serindia’ Collection Acquired by S.F. Oldenburg

14:30–16:00 – Parallel Session (Sutra Hall)

Chair: NIE Hongyin

SUN BojunA Textual Research on the Chapter Advising Relatives to Cultivate the Benevolence in the Tangut Work A Collection of Virtuousness and Resourcefulness 孙伯君. 西夏文《贤智集》之“劝亲修善辩”考释

TAI Chung PuiOn the Tangut Fragments of Aparimitayur-jnana-nama-mahayana-sutra 戴忠沛. 敦煌所出西夏文《大乘无量寿宗要经》残片考释

WANG Peipei 王培培 - 《维摩诘经》的西夏译本

SAMOSYUK, KiraThe Comparison of the Style and Subjects of the Xi-Xia and Yuan Dynasty Caves of Dunhuang and Yulinku, of Tangut Pagodas and of Materials from the Khara-Khoto Collection of the Hermitage

MENG SihuiA Restudy of Original Images of the Five Stellar Deities 孟嗣徽.再考五星图像的起源 - 以埃尔米塔什博物馆藏西夏《炽盛光佛与诸曜图》为例

16:00–16:30 – Break

16:30–18:00 – Session (Green Hall)

Chair: CHAI Jianhong

SUN Jimin 孙继民 – 俄藏宋保安军金汤城文书研究

ZHAO HepingSome Issues about the Thirteen Classics of Dunhuang Manuscripts 赵和平. 敦煌儒家经籍的几个问题

ZHOU BokanComparison between "Stone Texts" from Fangshan and Dunhuang Materials

LIU YiOn the “Revealed Three of Ten” of Lingbao Scriptures 劉 屹. 古靈寶經“出者三分”考論

TSUJI MasahiroLegal texts in Dunhuang and Turfan Collections

16:30–18:10 – Parallel Session (Sutra Hall)

Chair: Kirill SOLONIN

RASCHMANN, Simone-ChristianeThe Old Turkish fragments of ”The Scripture on the Ten Kings (十王經Shiwang jing)“ in the collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts in St. Petersburg

YAKUP, AbdurishidOld Uighur Versions of the Fu-Vajracchedika and Their Significance in Establishment of a Critical Chinese Edition

ZIEME, PeterOld Turkic Texts from Dunhuang and Turfan

MATSUI DaiUighur Almanac Divination Fragments from Dunhuang

TUGUSHEVA Liliya - Some Notes on the Proper Names in the Early Medieval Uighur Civil Documents from Eastern Turkestan

KLYASHTORNYJ, SergejOld Turkic “Book on Divination” from Dunhuang as a Phenomenon of Serindian Culture

18:30–20:30 – Dinner on a Boat Departure at 18:30 from the Hermitage quay


Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS (18, Dvortsovaya naberezhnaya, St. Petersburg)

09:30–11:00 – Session (Green Hall)

Chair: HAO Cunwen

GIRARD, FrédéricThe Significance of the Dunhuang Manuscripts in the Studies of the Treatise on the Act of Faith in the Great Vehicle (Dasheng qixinlun): the Example of Stein 4303

KUO LiyingDunhuang Sutras’ Copies and Other Related Elements: Case Studies of the Foding zunsheng tuoluoni jing

VOROBYOVA-DESYATOVSKAYA, MargaritaDunhuang Written Sources of the Buddhist manuscript Vajracchedica-sutra

HYUN Heangja (玄幸子) / GEN YukikoThe Report of Identifying Manuscripts in Vol. 11-17 in Edition of ‘Dunhuang Manuscripts Collected in Russia’

ZHANG Yongquan The Patching-up and Study of the Buddhist Dictionary Fragments (Дх. 18974) from the Russian Dunhuang Collection 张涌泉. 俄敦18974号等字书碎片缀合研究

09:30–11:10 – Parallel Session (Sutra Hall)

Chair: Peter ZIEME

IWAO KazushiThe Purpose of the Sutras Copying in Dunhuang under the Tibetan Rule YAN Tingliang – The New Thinking about the Dunhuang Literature under the Tibetan Rule 颜 廷 亮. 关于吐蕃占领时期敦煌文学的新思考

ZORIN, AlexanderThe Collection of Tibetan Scrolls Kept at the IOM (RAS)

DOTSON, BrandonApproaching Tibet’s First Narrative History: Evolving Studies of the Old Tibetan Chronicle

YANG Fuxue - Influence of Monk Mahāyāna’s Chan on Tibetan Buddhism 杨富学 . 摩诃衍禅法对吐蕃佛教的影响

KYCHANOV, EvgeniyDunhuang under the Tangut Rule

11:00–11:30 – Break

11:30–13:00 – Session (Green Hall)

Chair: KUO Liying

TEISER, Stephen F.Liturgical Manuscripts from Dunhuang and the Study of Chinese Buddhism CHEN Huaiyu – The Invocation Ritual in Buddhist Liturgical Texts from Dunhuang

WEI YingchunInfluence of External Nationality on Evolvement of Buddhist Commandment in Dunhuang 魏迎春. 敦煌外来移民与佛教教团清规戒律的演变

KASAI YukiyoThe Transmission of the Commentary on the Vimalakīrtinirdeśa-Sūtra in Dunhuang and Turfan

GUREVICH, Isabella - Dunhuang Manuscripts as source-material for studies on the Historical Grammar and Vernacular Literature (bianwen) of the Tang epoch

13:00–14:30 – Lunch Restaurant of the ‘Dom Uchenykh (Researchers’ House)’ (26, Dvortsovaya naberezhnaya)

14:30 – 16:00 – Session (Green Hall)

Chair: CHENG A-tsai

CHAI JianhongThe Ancient Dunhuang Athletic Sports and the Festival Culture 柴剑虹. 敦煌古代体育与岁时节日文化

LI JinmeiThe Research about Whirling Dance on Ball 李金梅. 球上的胡旋舞考证

WU LiyuResearch on zhuang 狀 of the Tang Local Governments: a Perspective from Turfan Documents 吳麗娛. 試述唐代地方機構行用的狀 —— 以吐魯番文書為中心

NAGATA TomoyukiThe comparison of the shu-yi 書儀 texts with the material of ancient Japan

GAO Qi-an 高啓安. 敦煌文獻中羊的稱謂研究 ——以“羖羊”為中心

16:00–16:30 – Break

16:30–18:00 – Session (Green Hall)

Chair: OCHIAI Toshinori

SAKAJIRI AkihiroThe Relationship between Upland Nomads and Oases Sedentary People as Seen from Dunhuang Manuscripts

WANG DingChinese People with Barbarian Names XU Quansheng – Families from Central Asia and Villages in Gaochang: Some Notes on the Newly Discovered Turfan Documents

ZHENG BinglinA Study of Communications between Qiang and Hu Nationalities during Late Tang, Five and Early Song Dynasties 郑炳林: 晚唐五代宋初河西地区羌胡交往考

AKAGI TakatoshiThe Matrimonial Diplomacy and the Lineage of Cao Family of the 10th Century in Dunhuang

18:30–20:30 – Reception Restaurant ‘1001 noch' (One Thousand and One Nights)’ (21a, Millionnaya street)


Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS (18, Dvortsovaya naberezhnaya, St. Petersburg) 

09:30–11:00 – Session (Green Hall)

Chair: ENAMI Kazuyuki

LIN Jen-YuThe Research of The Buddha's Mother Sutra and Related Literary and Art Tradition in Dunhuang 林仁昱.《佛母經》及其相關文藝作品研究

LIU Hui-PingBuddhist Arts and Chinese Myths — Focusing on the Sun and the Moon Pictures in Dunhuang Murals劉惠萍.佛教藝術與中國神話-以敦煌藝術中的日、月圖像為考察中心

PAI Shih-mingThe Imagination of Exotic Paradise: the Iconography of the Bird and Flower Motifs in the Silk Road Art of Tang Dynasty 白適銘 .異國天堂想像─有關唐代絲路藝術中花鳥主題的圖像學分析

ZHANG XiantangOn Families’ Cave-making in Ancient Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang —Focusing on the Inscriptions and the Portraits of the Donors 张先堂.古代敦煌莫高窟的家族石窟营造活动 ——以供养人图像和题记为中心

ZHANG NaizhuSome Damaged Manuscripts from the Russian Dunhuang Collection and the Spread of the Culture of the Chinese Central Plain to the West

11:00–11:30 – Break

11:30–13:00 – Session (Green Hall)

Chair: Stephen F. TEISER

YAMABE NobuyoshiAn Analysis of the Guanjing bianxiang Focusing on Дx. 316: A Reconsideration of the Relationship between Art and Text

ZHANG HuimingA Study of the Representations of the Suvarņaprabhāsa sūtra Discovered in Bezekelik Caves by Oldenburg’s Expedition and Kept in the Hermitage Museum

PCHELIN, NicolasSymbolism of the Murals from Turfan

ZHU TianshuDunhuang Cave 272 and the Ruixiang ‘One Buddha and Fifty Bodhisattvas’

YU XinFrom Turfan to Nara: Figurine Exorcising Technique along the Silk Road

13:00–14:30 – Lunch Restaurant of the ‘Dom Uchenykh (Researchers’ House)’ (26, Dvortsovaya naberezhnaya)

14:30–16:30 – Session (Green Hall)


GUMBRECHT, Cordula“Beyond All Praise” – Grünwedel’s Expression of Thanks to the Chinese Authorities for Their Support of the German Turfan-Expeditions

GALAMBOS, ImreA forgotten Chinese translation of Aurel Stein's First Expedition Report

WANG JiqingA Preliminary Study of the Correspondence between M.A. Stein and S.F. Oldenburg Deposited in the Bodleian Library, Oxford 王冀青. 英国牛津大学包德利图书馆藏斯坦因与鄂登堡往来通信初探

ZHU YuqiExiles to the Western Regions of the Qing Dynasty and the Early-stage Dunhuang Studies: Focusing on Xu Song and His Xiyu Shuidao Ji 朱玉麒. 清代西域流人与早期敦煌学研究 ——以徐松与《西域水道记》为中心

OCHIAI ToshinoriOn the Authenticity of the Li Sheng-duo’s Collection of Dunhuang

16:00–16:30 – Break

16:30–17:20 – Session

Chair: CHAI Jianhong

HAO ChunwenResearch Notes on Some Dunhuang Manuscripts 郝春文. 讀敦煌文獻劄記(四則)

DURKIN-MEISTERERNST, DesmondCurrent work on the Sogdian texts in the Berlin Turfan Collection

ENAMI Kazuyuki (in cooperation with SAKAMOTO Shoji, OKADA Yoshihiro and KOHNO Masuchika) – New Approach to Dunhuang and Central Asian Studies by Scientific Analysis

17:30–18:00 – Closing Remarks

18:30–20:30 – Reception Restaurant of the Hotel ‘St Petersburg’

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