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Conference “The Sogdians At Home and Abroad” Print E-mail

On November 13-14, the State Hermirage holds the conference The Sogdians At Home and Abroad in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Dr Boris I. Marshak (1933-2006).

Here is the official programme of the conference.

November 13

Morning session

Address from the head of the State Hermitage, Dr M.B.Piotrovsky

Videorecord of the lecture by B.I.Marshak read at the University of Seattle

Frantz Grenet, Claude Rapin. The Formative Periods of Sogdian Culture

Eleonora Pappalardo. Ivory Rhytons from Old Nisa. Methodological Remarks

Carlo Lippolis. The “Dark Ages” of Old Nisa: from the Arshacids Occupation to the Middle Ages

Judith Lerner. Yidu: a Sino-Sogdian Tomb?

Т. К. Mkrtychev. The Sogdian Lokopalas Дневное заседание

Afternoon Session

V. A. Livshits. Ihe Chorasmian Literary Monuments Nicholas Sims-Williams The Sogdian Rustam

Yutaka Yoshida. Heroes of the Shahnama in a TWtta Sogdian text

Antonio Panaino, Paolo Ognib. The Italian Ethnolinguistic and A ideological Mission in the Yagnob Valley

Stefano Pello. Central Asian Iconographies and the Myth of Mani's Arzhang

Gianroberto Scarcia. About the "Eastern" Committant/Sulptor of Taq-e-Bostan

November 14

Morning Session

Matteo Compareti. Coronation and Nauruz: A Note iirt be Reconstruction of the Missing King at Afrasiab

V. G. Shkoda. В. I. Marshak and Painting of Panjakent

А. М. Blyakher, V. A. Fominykh. The Restoration of the Wall-painting with the Lamentation Scene

Р. В. Lurje. The Traces of Manichaeism in Central Asia, and in Panjakent in particular

L. Yu. Kulakova. The Wall-paintings of the Audience Hall from the Site of Ancient Panjakent. Object XXI-1

Sh. P. Pidayev. New Materials on the Funeral Ceremony of Early Medieval Termez

Afternoon Session

Yu. A. Pyatnitsky. The Four Paradise Rivers. The Silver Byzantine Plate of the Early 6th Century in the State Hermitage Museum

V. N. Zalesskaya. Some Remarks to the Nestorian Discus from the Village of Grigorovs-koye, the State Hermitage Museum

Ernst Grube. The Impact of Sogdian Painting on Islamic Painting

Eleanor Sims. The Islamic Afterlife of the Wall-Painting of Sogdiana

A. A. Ivanov. Mysterious Master Inajaton

D. К. Mirzaakhmedov. About the Social-Economic Factors of the Development of Glazed Ceramics of Mavarannahr in the Late 10th - Early 13th Centuries

G. L. Semenov †, A. I. Torgoev. A Complex of the Southern Gates of Paikend (Researches of 2005-2008)

Last Updated ( 11/11/2008 )
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