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International conference on Dunhuang Studies Print E-mail

Dunhuang Studies:
prospects and problems for the coming second century of research

International conference

September 3-5, 2009

St. Petersburg, Russia

to be organized by the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the International Dunhuang Liaison Committee for Dunhuang Studies

During the century following the legendary discovery of the cave library in Mogaoku (Gansu, China) in 1900 the Dunhuang studies developed into an independent field of research with its own historical background, resources and patterns. The investigation of the Dunhuang documents and art objects dispersed through museums and libraries worldwide started in early 1900s with primary cataloguing analysis of the basic sources. The work of the Dunhuang legacy deeply influenced the course of all the aspects of research relating to the medieval period of history in China and gave a tremendous impetus for the development of Sinology in other countries. The Dunhuang studies from the early stage required genuine collaboration of the international academic community. Scholars from every country keeping the Dunhuang collections contributed to the development of this immensely important branch of learning. The study of the Dunhuang manuscripts and art during the past hundred years has led to remarkable advances in the understanding of medieval Chinese history, society, literature, religion and culture. By the beginning of the twenty-first century, the large number of systematic catalogues, bibliographies, text critical editions and general works had been published. Access to the Dunhuang manuscripts of the largest text collections has become much easier, since the majority of them has been published in facsimile and in on-line archives. These magnificent achievements have established a solid base for the development of Dunhuang studies for this second century of research. For the present, the new research environment requires a rethinking of academic targets and the use of the new effective patterns for comprehensive scrutiny and study of the sources. The present emphasis for Dunhuang studies is to pursue a thorough research of the material which is already available and to make full access for the existing corpus of Dunhuang sources together with a complete up-to-date catalogue. At the same time the remarkable results of Dunhuang Studies within the broad area of Central Asian Studies can encourage the composition of fundamental general works.

Topics to be discussed by the Conference:

1. The significance of Dunhuang studies for the research of China and Central Asia. New academic prospects, avenues and methods.

2. Dunhuang written sources on the history, society, culture and religion of China and Central Asia.

3. Patterns for research, publication, comment and translation of Dunhuang manuscripts. Textual studies, critical analysis of sources, paleography.

4. Turfan and Central Asian written sources. Results of recent studies.

5. Prospects and problems of cataloguing and conservation. Database experience, virtual archives.

6. Dunhuang art and archeology.

7. The history of Dunhuang studies: expeditions, archives, collections.

Scholars should send both the 200-250 word abstract of their paper and their personal information (name, organization, post address, phone number, academic position, e-mail address) in English to: or by fax (+7-812) 312-1465. The deadline is December 31, 2008.

Working languages of the Conference are English and Chinese.

Post Address of Organizing Board:
Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS,
Dvortsovaya nab, 18
St. Petersburg, 191186
Phone number (+7-812) 315-8728
Fax (+7-812) 312-1465
















1.      敦煌学对研究中国及中央亚细亚之意义。新的视角、趋势和方法。

2.      敦煌文献与中国和中亚历史、社会、文化和宗教研究。

3.      敦煌文书的研究、刊布、注解和翻译;文献学、文献分析、古文书字。

4.      吐鲁番和中央亚细亚所出文书的最新研究成果。

5.      文献编目和保存中存在的问题、前景;最新编目、数字档案。

6.      敦煌艺术与考古。

7.      敦煌学史。科考、档案与收藏。




Proposal submission form



Current position:

Language of the paper proposed:

Title of the paper:

Abstract (200-250 words):

Kindly e-mail this form as an attachment to:, or by fax +7-812-31-1465

Deadline for the submission of proposal: December, 31, 2008.

Last Updated ( 10/06/2009 )
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