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24/05/2019 Paper: Who Conquered Spain? The Role of the Berbers in the Conquest of the Iberian Peninsula 399
24/05/2019 Paper: The Concept of Dravya in Yogācāra and Vaiśeṣika: a Comparative Philosophical Analysis 365
24/05/2019 Paper: A Newly Identified Kuchean Fragment of the Hariścandrāvadāna Housed in the Russian Collection 369
24/05/2019 Paper: A Dunhuang Tibetan Manuscript of “Ārya-samādhyagrottama” Kept at the IOM, RAS 415
24/05/2019 Paper: A Contrastive Survey of Genres of Sanskrit and Tocharian Buddhist Texts 512
24/05/2019 Paper: A Manuscript of the Mongolian Folk Tale “About old Borontai” from the IOM, RAS Collection 405
24/05/2019 Paper: Portraits of Qing meritorious officers in the collection of the State Hermitage: scroll restoration and revised reading of the texts 356
24/05/2019 Paper: The Jin’gangjing zuan 金剛經纂 in Old Uighur with Parallels in Tangut and Chinese 412
24/05/2019 Paper: A Sogdian Manichaean Parable 328
24/05/2019 Paper: SI 3662 and SI 3663 — two wedge-shaped Kharoṣṭhī documents from Niya in the Petrovsky Collection 392
24/05/2019 Paper: The Scribal Hands of the Er nian lü ling Manuscript Unearthed from Zhangjiashan Han Tomb No. 247 348
24/05/2019 Paper: Symbolism of sovereignty in the context of the Dzungar campaigns of the Qianlong emperor 307
24/05/2019 Paper: Fragments of Tibetan Texts Refound at the Dunhuang Collection Kept at the IOM, RAS: Eleven Identified Fragments of Buddhist Canonical Texts 340
24/05/2019 Paper: An Embryonic Saint. Interpretation of an Old Uighur Fragment in the Serindia Collection at the IOM, RAS 272
24/05/2019 Paper: Sogdian letter fragments in the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, St. Petersburg 273
24/05/2019 Paper: A forgotten Manichaean Sogdian bifolio in Sogdian script 184
24/05/2019 Paper: Hebrew Palaeotypes in the Collection of the St. Petersburg IOM, RAS 182
24/05/2019 Paper: An Old Uighur Receipt Document Newly Discovered in the Turfan Museum 184
24/05/2019 Paper: SI 3656 and other Kuchean tablets related to the Kizil grottoes in the St. Petersburg Collection 188
24/05/2019 Paper: Turfan Manuscripts in the State Hermitage — a Rediscovery 201
18/04/2019 WMO 15/4 (35), 2018 2120
17/04/2019 Paper: [Review:] Mandschurische Handschriften und Drucke im Bestand der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin 2179
17/04/2019 Paper: [Review:] Eine buddhistische Kritik der indischen Gotter 2061
17/04/2019 Paper: [Review:] Fond etnograficheskogo otdela Russkogo muzeia po kul’ture narodov zarubezhnogo Vostoka 2015
17/04/2019 Paper: [Review:] “Novye zakony” tangutskogo gosudarstva 1916
17/04/2019 Paper: [Review:] Etiudy o liudiah nauki 1738
17/04/2019 Paper: [Review:] The Secret History of the Mongols. A Mongolian Epic Chronicle of the Thirteenth Century 1693
27/03/2019 Monograph: Archival Materials on Mongolian and Turkic Peoples in Russian Academic Collections. Conference papers — renewal 625
26/03/2019 Monograph: The Vedānta Manuscripts Kept in the Indian collections of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences: An Annotated Catalogue 497
05/03/2019 Monograph: Tract on the calligraphers and painters 471
05/03/2019 Paper: On the Numbering of Quires in the Christian Sogdian and Syriac Manuscript Fragments in the Turfan Collection (Berlin) and the Krotkov Collection (St. Petersburg) 502
05/03/2019 Paper: ‘Like a Virgin’: A Sogdian Recipe for Restoring Virginity and the Sanskrit Background of Sogdian Medicine 575
05/03/2019 Paper: Short Survey on Sogdian Manuscriptology 434
05/03/2019 Paper: Middle Iranian Manichaean Manuscripts. Interpretation and Identification 465
05/03/2019 Paper: Some Сodicological Remarks on the Сorpus of the Berlin Turfan Manichaean Sogdian Manuscripts in Manichaean Script: among Books, Glossaries, Letters, Booklets, Bilingual and Trilingual Texts, Normal, Bold and Cursive Script 482
01/03/2019 Paper: One of the First Samples of Cursive Tibetan in European Collections 506
23/02/2019 Paper: WMO 2(8): Introduction 529
23/02/2019 WMO, English 2(8) 2018 517
10/02/2019 Monograph: Mongolica-XXI 455
28/01/2019 WMO 15/3 (34), 2018 513
28/01/2019 WMO 15/2 (33), 2018 530
11/01/2019 Monograph: The Development of the Babi/Baha’i Communities: Exploring Baron Rosen’s Archives. The Development of the Babi/Baha’i Communities: Exploring Baron Rosen’s Archives 518
21/12/2018 Monograph: Bibliotheca Buddhica IX 566
18/12/2018 Monograph: Brush and Qalam. 200 Years of the collection 630
17/12/2018 Monograph: Bibliotheca Buddhica XXX — renewal 783
17/12/2018 Monograph: Bibliotheca Buddhica XXIX 529
17/12/2018 Monograph: Bibliotheca Buddhica XXVIII 490
17/12/2018 Monograph: Bibliotheca Buddhica XXVII 501
17/12/2018 Monograph: Bibliotheca Buddhica XXVI — renewal 532
17/12/2018 Monograph: Bibliotheca Buddhica XXV — renewal 479
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