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16/01/2021 Paper: SI 4904: Сonservation as a Base for New Discoveries 442
16/01/2021 Paper: Japanese Didactic Gunsho Commentaries in the Edo Period: A Study of a 17th c. Commentary on the Heike Monogatari 346
16/01/2021 Paper: Imperial Postscript to the Tangut, Chinese and Tibetan Editions of the Dhāraṇī-sūtras in the Collection of the IOM, RAS 369
16/01/2021 Paper: Old Uyghur Fragments in the Serindia Collection: Provenance, Acquisition and Processing 434
16/01/2021 Paper: The Updated Data on Sanskrit Manuscripts of the Serindia Collection (IOM, RAS): Perspectives of the Study 313
16/01/2021 Paper: Popular Religion in Early Republican China Based on Vasilii Alekseev’s Materials from to the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography RAS (fund No. 2054) 287
29/12/2020 Monograph: Mongolica. Vol. XXIII, 2020, No. 2 414
25/12/2020 Paper: Ritual and Law: Reception of Adam Laxman’s expedition in Japan 353
25/12/2020 Paper: reating a minority: the views of Japanese intellectuals and Japan’s policy towards Ainu in the 18th and 19th centuries 325
18/12/2020 PPV 17/4 (43), 2020 427
18/12/2020 Paper: On a “Golden” Khara-Khoto Manuscript Preserved in the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS 415
22/10/2020 PPV 17/2 and 3 (41 and 42), 2020 479
02/10/2020 Personalia: Nie Hongyin 464
02/10/2020 Paper: Nonagonistic Discourse in the Early History of Indian Philosophical Debates: From Brahmodyas to the Mahābhāṣya 376
16/09/2020 WMO, 1(11), 2020 601
16/09/2020 Paper: Letters by J.P.A. Rémusat to Schilling von Canstadt (1817–1829) in the Orientalists Archives of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences 536
16/09/2020 Paper: Secular Fragments of Tibetan Texts Found at the Main Dunhuang Collection Kept at the IOM, RAS 607
16/09/2020 Paper: Newly Discovered Dunhuang Fragments of "Śatasāhasrikā Prajnāpāramitā" in the Collection of the IOM, RAS 485
16/09/2020 Paper: An Analysis of "Manhan huangyu shanhe diming kao" 滿漢皇輿山河地名考 — A Bilingual Manchu and Chinese Study of Mountain and River Toponyms of the Imperial Territories 543
16/09/2020 Paper: A fragment of a Tocharian B text concerning the conversion of "Uruvilvā-Kāśyapa" 464
16/09/2020 Paper: The first leaf of an Old Uyghur 觀無量壽經 "Guanwuliangshoujing" translation 431
16/09/2020 Paper: A Document from Tangut Regarding the Lease of a Bakery 428
16/09/2020 Paper: A Unique Tangut Primary Reader "Brief Collection by Taizong" kept in the IOM RAS 498
30/08/2020 Paper: Language and Extra-linguistic Reality in Bhartṛhari’s Vākyapadīya 618
30/08/2020 Paper: Paśyantī, Pratibhā, Sphoṭa and Jāti: Ontology and Epistemology in the Vākyapadīya 530
30/08/2020 Paper: Antinomy of one and many in Bhartṛhari’s Vākyapadīya 492
15/08/2020 Publication: Mongolica. Vol. XXIII, 2020, No. 1 646
11/08/2020 Personalia: Desnitskaya E.A. 488
25/07/2020 Paper: Keynote: Tibetan Studies in Saint Petersburg: Past and Present 478
25/07/2020 Paper: Józef Kowalewski’s Studies on the History of Catholicism in China 460
21/07/2020 Monograph: Biography and Academic Legacy of Orientalist Józef Kowalewski (Based on Materials from Archives and Manuscript Collections) 422
07/07/2020 Paper: Tibetan Manuscript on Birchbark from the Collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts RAS 470
05/07/2020 Monograph: Tibetan Historical Literature — renewal 495
03/07/2020 PPV 17/1 (40), 2020 439
01/07/2020 Paper: On a Lost Mongol Book and Its Uigur Version 422
30/06/2020 Monograph: Uigurische Sprachdenkmäler 436
18/06/2020 Paper: A Rare Tibetan Version of the Aṣṭasāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā in Mongolia 463
09/05/2020 Personalia: Zieme P. 483
06/05/2020 WMO, 2(10), 2019 498
06/05/2020 Paper: Schilling von Canstadt and His Correspondence with Julius Klaproth in the IOM 518
06/05/2020 Paper: The Miniatures and Texts in the Е 28 Album from the IOM, RAS 504
06/05/2020 Paper: Tocharian B Manuscripts in the Berezovsky Collection (2): Five More Fragments 477
06/05/2020 Paper: The Layman İndu and an Old Uighur Poem 578
06/05/2020 Paper: Old Uyghur Blockprint of Sitātapatrā Dhāraṇī in the Serindia Collection of the IOM, RAS 689
06/05/2020 Paper: On the History of the Formation and Processing of the Collection of the Tibetan Texts from Khara-Khoto Kept at the IOM, RAS 497
28/04/2020 Paper: Old Tibetan and Mongolian Collections in the Libraries of St. Petersburg 495
08/04/2020 Personalia: Ikeda Daisaku 475
07/04/2020 Monograph: The Lotus Sutra and Its World. Buddhist Manuscripts of the Great Silk Road. Catalog 478
23/03/2020 WMO, 1(9), 2019 528
23/03/2020 Paper: [Review:] Manuscripts of Vedānta School in the collections of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of RAS: annotated catalogue 522
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