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16/11/2014 Paper: Lines of Development of the Tibetan Editions of Gzungs Bsdus Collection First Printed in the Rtag Brtan Monastery Founded by Tāranātha 2636
27/10/2014 Paper: Depictions of Tributaries of the August Qing and Hyacinth Bichurin’s First Album 2927
27/10/2014 Monograph: East Asian Studies: Festschrift in Honor of the Retirement of Professor TAKATA Tokio 3134
20/10/2014 Personalia: Helman-Ważny A. 2965
09/10/2014 Personalia: Lobova E.S. 2700
08/10/2014 PPV 2(19), 2013 2422
11/07/2014 Paper: The Islamic Studies Department of Petrograd State University 3356
16/06/2014 Monograph: Mongolica-XI 4279
25/05/2014 Personalia: Yampolskaya N.V. 4132
24/05/2014 Monograph: Russian Scholars on Ismailism 4565
24/05/2014 Personalia: Takata Tokio — renewal 4728
11/05/2014 Monograph: Russian Expeditions to Central Asia at the Turn of the 20th Century — renewal 5467
11/05/2014 Paper: Russian Expeditions and the Chinese Authorities in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries 6032
11/05/2014 Paper: Scholarly Respect in an Age of Political Rivalry 5606
11/05/2014 Paper: An English Participant in the Japanese Exploration of Central Asia. The Role of A.O. Hobbs in the Third Otani Expedition 6066
11/05/2014 Paper: Japanese Researchers of Russian Collections from Central Asia 5738
11/05/2014 Paper: S.F. Oldenburg’s Second Russian Turkestan Expedition (1914-1915) 6223
11/05/2014 Paper: S.F. Oldenburg's First Russian Turkestan Expedition (1909-1910) 6166
11/05/2014 Paper: The Tangut Collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts: History and Study 5246
11/05/2014 Paper: P.K. Kozlov’s Mongolia and Sichuan Expedition (1907-1909): the Discovery of Khara-Khoto 5189
11/05/2014 Paper: S.M. Dudin’ Kashgar Collection in the Russian Museum of Ethnography 4432
11/05/2014 Paper: Manichaica in the Asiatic Museum 4937
11/05/2014 Paper: Buddhist Monuments from Khotan in the Collection of the Hermitage 4652
11/05/2014 Paper: M.M. Berezovsky’s Expedition to Kucha (1905-1908) 4291
11/05/2014 Paper: Old Turkic Monuments of Runic Writing from Eastern Turkestan 4442
11/05/2014 Paper: Expeditions to Central Asia and the Discovery of Early Medieval Turkic Manuscripts 5201
11/05/2014 Paper: Russian Expeditions to Central Asia at the Turn of the 20th Century 6270
29/04/2014 Monograph: "The New Laws"of the Tangut State (the first quarter of the 13th Century) 4725
10/04/2014 Personalia: Ryzhenkov S.Yu. 4604
09/04/2014 Paper: Tang Political Treatise from Dunhuang: “Heavenly Instructions” (Tian xun) 4538
02/04/2014 PPV 1(18), 2013 4178
18/02/2014 Paper: Family Models: The Model of the Tangut Work Newly Collected Biographies of Affection and Filial Piety 4274
18/02/2014 Paper: Chan Buddhism and Huayan: Yongjue Yuanxian (1578-1657) on the “Five Positions”(wu wei) Theory of Dongshan Liangjie 4205
18/02/2014 Personalia: Benická J. 3883
16/02/2014 Paper: "The Twenty-Five Answers Concerning the Buddhist Principles": A Tangut Buddhist Manual from St. Petersburg Tangut Collection 4844
15/02/2014 Paper: Les représentations des apparitions du mont Wutai de Dunhuang au IXe siècle: origine et diffusion des prototypes 4950
10/02/2014 Paper: Letters of A.Shiefner about V.P. Vasil'ev 4670
07/02/2014 Paper: A Preliminary Note on the Manchu Versions of Qianlong’s Poetical Collection Quanyun shi 4508
07/01/2014 Paper: 再論《新菩薩經》、《勸善經》以及《救諸衆生(一切)苦難經》—以Дх05155爲線索 5317
07/01/2014 Personalia: GEN Yukiko 4186
26/12/2013 Monograph: East of Aden. Oasis of Raybūn in the 1st Millennium BC (epigraphic documentation, religious life and social structure of a cult center of ancient Hadramawt) 4244
19/12/2013 Personalia: Terentyev A.A. 4747
19/12/2013 Monograph: One Hundred And Eight Buddhist Icons Kept At The Institute Of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS 4176
19/12/2013 Personalia: Iokhvin M.B. 3853
11/12/2013 Paper: Russo-Japanese Relations 4512
30/11/2013 Monograph: Uighur Civil Documents from the 10th through 14th Century Discovered in Eastern Turkestan 4920
20/09/2013 Monograph: Mongolica-X 7532
25/08/2013 PPV 2(17), 2012 13845
18/07/2013 Monograph: The Development of the Babi/Baha’i Communities. Exploring Baron Rosen’s Archives 7355
20/06/2013 Paper: Vidyā and Avidyā in Bhartṛhari’s Vākyapadīya 5514
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