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24/02/2016 Monograph: Buddhist Ritual Texts as Represented in a Tibetan Manuscript from the 12th Century 1049
20/02/2016 Monograph: South Eastern Kurdistan from 16th to 19th Century. Sources on the History of the Kurdish Emirates of Ardelan and Baban 1079
31/12/2015 Monograph: Wajishoransho 1227
31/12/2015 Monograph: Mongolica-XV 1343
17/12/2015 Paper: Identification of a Khitan historical work as part of the Nova N 176 manuscript codex from the collection of the IOM RAS and related problems 1507
12/12/2015 Personalia: Zaytsev V.P. — renewal 1406
28/11/2015 Paper: A Collection of Tantric Ritual Texts from an Ancient Tibetan Scroll Kept at the IOM RAS 1501
17/11/2015 Monograph: Schriftliche mandschurische Quellen zur Geschichte und Kultur des Qing-Reiches des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts 1359
06/11/2015 WMO 1(22), 2015 1505
30/10/2015 Monograph: Sogdian epigraphy of Central Asia and Semirech’e 1977
28/10/2015 “Subsites” section is closed 1305
11/10/2015 Monograph: The Pahlavi Dictionary of Zoroastrian Terms, Mythical Characters and Mythological Symbols 1454
01/10/2015 Paper: The Identity of Chinggis Khan’s Father According to Written Mongolian Accounts 1227
01/10/2015 Monograph: Mongolica-XIV 1612
30/09/2015 Monograph: Essays on Medieval Kurdish Literature 1316
17/09/2015 Personalia: Arakawa Sh. 1381
25/08/2015 Monograph: Countries and Peoples of the East. Vol. XXXV 1974
11/07/2015 WMO, English 2(2015) 1812
11/07/2015 Paper: The St. Petersburg 19th c. Collection of Materials on the Babi and Baha’i Faiths: Primary and other Sources 1653
11/07/2015 Paper: Examples of Buddhist Letters from A.M. Pozdneev Archive Collection 1803
11/07/2015 Paper: The First Tibetan Leaves Acquired by the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences: Conservation Issues, Contents and Paper Analysis 1745
11/07/2015 Paper: Ritual Funeral Text Tang 665 from the Tangut Collection of IOM, RAS 1651
11/07/2015 Paper: Fragments of dhāraṇī Blockprints from Khara-Khoto (Serindian Fund of IOM, RAS) 1864
11/07/2015 Paper: On the Design of a “Trebuchet” in the Tangut Manuscript of IOM, RAS 1768
11/07/2015 Paper: Greek Manuscript D-227 from the Collection of IOM, RAS. An Archeographical Analysis 1662
11/07/2015 Paper: A Further Fragment of the Old Uighur Qianziwen 1884
15/06/2015 Paper: A Newly Identified Fragment of the Tibetan Royal Annals in St. Petersburg 1942
11/06/2015 Monograph: Buddhist Manuscripts from Central Asia. The St. Petersburg Sanskrit Fragments. Volume I 1999
04/06/2015 Monograph: Ozar Sepharad: Sephardic Treasury. Sephardic Books from the Tenth to the Fifteenth Century. From Manuscripts to Printed Books 1836
07/05/2015 Monograph: Manuscripts and Woodblock Prints in Asian Languages at the Scientific Library of Saint Petersburg State University 1797
15/04/2015 Personalia: Kamalov A.K. 1692
07/04/2015 Paper: Uyghur Memoir Literature in Central Asia on Eastern Turkestan Republic (1944—49) 1723
07/04/2015 Paper: Uyghur Studies in Central Asia: A Historical Review 1628
07/04/2015 Paper: Sino-Uighurica: Revisiting the Uighur runic inscriptions and the T'ang sources 1939
02/04/2015 WMO 2(21), 2014 1377
31/03/2015 WMO 1(20), 2014 1407
27/03/2015 Paper: Manchu Collections in Paris 1616
25/03/2015 Paper: A Historical Sketch of the Study and Teaching of the Manchu Language in Russia (First part: up to 1920) 1666
20/03/2015 Monograph: Transactions of the Archives of Orientalists of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS - No. 1 (2011) 2556
06/03/2015 Monograph: Fifty Years in the East. The Memoirs of Wladimir Ivanow 2497
06/03/2015 Monograph: Words of Power. Ḥurūfi Teachings between Shi’ism and Sufism in Medieval Islam. The Original Doctrine of Faḍl Allāh 1930
06/03/2015 Monograph: Translating the Qur'an in an Age of Nationalism. Print Culture and Modern Islam 2053
06/03/2015 Monograph: Scripture, Poetry and the Making of Community. Reading the Qur'an as a Literary Text 1774
06/03/2015 Monograph: Tafsīr and Islamic Intellectual History. Exploring the Boundaries of a Genre 1643
02/03/2015 Monograph: Muslim Manuscripts: Quantitative Methods of Research. Selected articles 1938
28/02/2015 Monograph: Mongolica-XIII 2055
22/02/2015 Paper: New Acquisition of the Japanese Manuscript and Wood-block Printed Books Collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS 1603
22/02/2015 Paper: Omens in Celestial Phenomena. On a Manchu Manuscript 1543
22/02/2015 Paper: A Manchu-Mongolian Diploma Given to the Wife of a Mongolian Nobleman 1878
22/02/2015 Paper: The First Mongolian Manuscript in Germany Reconsidered 1824
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