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09/05/2020 Personalia: Zieme P. 71
06/05/2020 WMO, English 2(10) 2019 68
06/05/2020 Paper: Schilling von Canstadt and His Correspondence with Julius Klaproth in the IOM 59
06/05/2020 Paper: The Miniatures and Texts in the Е 28 Album from the IOM, RAS 72
06/05/2020 Paper: Tocharian B Manuscripts in the Berezovsky Collection (2): Five More Fragments 69
06/05/2020 Paper: The Layman İndu and an Old Uighur Poem 59
06/05/2020 Paper: Old Uyghur Blockprint of Sitātapatrā Dhāraṇī in the Serindia Collection of the IOM, RAS 58
06/05/2020 Paper: On the History of the Formation and Processing of the Collection of the Tibetan Texts from Khara-Khoto Kept at the IOM, RAS 64
28/04/2020 Paper: Old Tibetan and Mongolian Collections in the Libraries of St. Petersburg 98
08/04/2020 Personalia: Ikeda Daisaku 131
07/04/2020 Monograph: The Lotus Sutra and Its World. Buddhist Manuscripts of the Great Silk Road. Catalog 143
23/03/2020 WMO, English 1(9) 2019 171
23/03/2020 Paper: [Review:] Manuscripts of Vedānta School in the collections of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of RAS: annotated catalogue 158
23/03/2020 Paper: [Review:] Brush and Qalam: 200 years of the collection of the Institute of Oriental manuscripts. Exhibition catalogue 127
23/03/2020 Paper: Two Mongolian Official Papers Dated by the 19th c. 155
23/03/2020 Paper: The Development of Sibe Ethnic Awareness: With Special Consideration of the Sibe People of the Ili River Basin 127
23/03/2020 Paper: On the Fragment of the Naran-u Gerel Catalogue Preserved in IOM, RAS 145
23/03/2020 Paper: Vyākaraṇa as a Method of Rational Cognition in the Buddhist Written Sources 139
23/03/2020 Paper: Brāhmī glosses of the Uygur blockprint of Sitātapatrā dhāraṇī kept in the IOM, RAS 158
23/03/2020 Paper: Notes on a Manichaean Turkic Prayer Cycle 119
19/03/2020 Paper: The Dynasty of the Achaemenids in the Early Period 159
18/03/2020 Personalia: Popov V.A. 93
06/03/2020 Monograph: From Letter to Type. Essays on the History of the Medieval Hebrew Book — renewal 116
20/02/2020 WMO 16/4 (39), 2019 178
11/01/2020 Personalia: Jankowski-Diakonoff A.I. 274
31/12/2019 Monograph: Mongolica. Vol. XXII, 2019, No. 2 270
25/12/2019 Personalia: Mesheznikov A.V. 251
28/11/2019 Paper: Tibetan studies in Russia: a brief historical account 301
18/11/2019 Monograph: The History of the Median Kingdom, 7th to 6th century BCE 266
16/11/2019 Monograph: The Sacred Books of Zoroastrianism 267
15/11/2019 Monograph: Proceedings of the Eighth European Conference of Iranian Studies: Volume 1 209
28/10/2019 Personalia: Walravens H. 319
26/10/2019 Monograph: Neue Rückschau auf ein arbeitsreiches Leben 296
12/10/2019 Monograph: Mongolica. Vol. XXII, 2019, No. 1 392
03/10/2019 WMO 16/3 (38), 2019 323
05/09/2019 Paper: About an Early Attempt to Translate the Tengyur from Tibetan to Mongolian 337
05/09/2019 Paper: The Status of Tibet In the Seventeenth – Early Eighteenth Centuries: A Mongolian Perspective 334
05/09/2019 Paper: Rivalry of the Descendants of Chinggis Khan and His Brother Khasar as a Factor in Mongolian History 351
04/09/2019 Paper: About an Attempt to Use the Cyrillic Alphabet for the Mongolian Language 285
04/09/2019 Paper: [Review:] The Dalai Lama and the Emperor of China... 449
18/07/2019 Monograph: The Catalogue of Texts of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon Kept at the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS. Vol. 2: Indexes 560
28/06/2019 WMO 16/1 & 2 (36 & 37), 2019 593
24/05/2019 Paper: Collection of Manuscripts and Xylographs in the State Archive of the Republic of Tatarstan 495
24/05/2019 Paper: The Imperial Patent of the Kangxi Period in the Collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences 393
24/05/2019 Paper: Who Conquered Spain? The Role of the Berbers in the Conquest of the Iberian Peninsula 371
24/05/2019 Paper: The Concept of Dravya in Yogācāra and Vaiśeṣika: a Comparative Philosophical Analysis 336
24/05/2019 Paper: A Newly Identified Kuchean Fragment of the Hariścandrāvadāna Housed in the Russian Collection 346
24/05/2019 Paper: A Dunhuang Tibetan Manuscript of “Ārya-samādhyagrottama” Kept at the IOM, RAS 391
24/05/2019 Paper: A Contrastive Survey of Genres of Sanskrit and Tocharian Buddhist Texts 488
24/05/2019 Paper: A Manuscript of the Mongolian Folk Tale “About old Borontai” from the IOM, RAS Collection 387
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